Eagle River Trout Lodge offers world class fly fishing adventures on the world famous Eagle River, Labrador.

We fish mainly all rivers thus all moving water fishing makes ERTL a very unique destination for the prized Trophy Brook Trout. The rivers are large enough that ERTL experienced guides travel the river system in our large 26 foot canoe known as the Gander River Boat.

ERTL practices an hook and release fishery only. No brook trout are retained other than an occasional injured fish that well be served along with northern pike for a shore-lunch during a full day adventure.

Barbless hooks are to be used at all times and only fly fishing in the rivers is permitted. There are times in the lakes especially in shallow areas that hold large pike we do use light spin tackle with single barb less hooks. Here at ERTL our brook trout average about 4 pounds with brook trout 6-8 pounds very common and we have landed them in recent years weighing a whopping 11 pounds.

Northern Pike on this watershed also can grow quite large and very eager to take the fly. Specimens of near 30 pounds have been landed with 15-20 pounds very common.

Prime Fishing Pools

All our fly fishing is in moving water, in streams and rivers. This makes our world-class Lodge unique from many other brook trout destinations!

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