Q. How much should I tip my guide?

A. Tips are purely at the discretion of guests but as a guideline we suggest 10-15% of package price, depending on  your level of satisfaction for a job well done and higher tipping is very common to see.

Q. Should I tip the kitchen staff?

A. Again, tips are purely at the discretion of guests but as a guideline we suggest $100.00 per person.

Q. Are beverages included?

A. No, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are not included but arrangements can be made to pick them up on your behalf. If you arrive to Goose Bay Saturday there is normally lots of time for our rep to bring you to purchase beverages. We will send you a request form in advance of your arrival if requested.

Q. How do I pay for the beverages?

A. Beverages are paid for locally before you depart for the lodge.

Q. Are there any other charges I should be aware of?

A. You are responsible for accommodations and meals en route to and from Goose Bay, or for expenses which may be caused by circumstances beyond our control (such as weather delays). You may also face additional costs by airlines if you travel with excess weight in your luggage.

Q. How much weight am I allowed to carry in luggage?

A. The maximum allowed by commercial airlines should be checked before you depart; however, most flights into Goose Bay limit each passenger to 60 pounds. Additional charges will be assessed if you exceed that limit.

Q. How much weight in beverages can I bring into the lodge?

A. We attempt to have some beverages shipped in with supply flights before you arrive but this is not always possible. Each case of 24 beer or soft drinks weighs 20 pounds, and we are limited to maximum weights by the charter carriers. If special flights are required due to large beverage orders there may be additional charges assessed to you. We suggest limiting your order to about 25 pounds, roughly a case of 24 beer or soft drinks and one or two bottle of spirits. If you have large orders we suggest pre-ordering well before your trip dates.

Q. Where do I buy my fishing license?

A. Fishing licenses are provided with your package and issued at the lodge.

Q. Do I qualify for a tax rebate?

A. No, tax rebates (where applicable) are applied to the package price.

Q. Do I bring my own fishing tackle or is it provided at the lodge?

A. Fishing tackle is your responsibility. A few of our guides do carry some spare tackle which they can loan you in case of breakage or lost luggage. We normally always have 6-12 dozen of most commonly used flies for sale at the lodge.

Q. Do I bring a sleeping bag and towels?

A. No, bedding and towels are provided at the lodge.

Q. Can a beginner fly fishing person come to your lodges?

A. Yes. Our packages are fully guided and for those needing lessons or instruction, a guide will be more than happy to assist you.

Q. Do we fish on the river or lake or both?

A. Boats are used by our guides to transport guests to pools on the inlets and outlet where wading can occur, or you may opt to fish from the boat. It is up to guests to decide.

Q. What kind of fish are in the system?

A. The Eagle River system contains both large Eastern brook trout and Northern pike.

Q. What flies and rods do we bring?

A. Once you have arranged a stay with us, we will send you a “Recommended Equipment” list with all the important flies listed for you to bring. We recommend two rods, a 3-5 weight for most activities and a 7-8 weight for casting larger flies. If bringing only one rod, a 6-8 weight is a good all-around choice. Reels should be equipped with a floating line, with one sink tip line as an option.

Q. What is your fishing policy?

A. At Eagle River we enforce a policy of “catch-and-release only” and “fly fishing only, single barbless hook”. There are times when we do permit only in the lakes use of spin casting but all lures must have a single barbless book.

Q. What is the length of your fishing season?

A. Our season is relatively short. We open Eagle River Trout Lodge in the first week of June and operate until mid to late July.

Q. What sort of weather can we expect?

A. Labrador weather is unpredictable at best. You may awaken to frost on the ground and by afternoon the temperatures could be in the 90 F. Range. We recommend layered clothing and good rain gear.

Q. How many fish can I expect to catch?

A. These are all wild fish, so catching will be relevant to the anglers’ skills and the time spent fishing. Trout activity is usually dependent on insect hatches, while pike will take anytime. A good fisherman normally hooks fish everyday. Good fishing would be 4-6 fish per rod day and have seen rods hook 30 per day. Slow fishing may be 1-2 fish a day per rod . Again much depends on the ability of the fly fisher person. While continuous action all day all week is not the norm. Yet  the size of our brookies is amazing and offers large brook trout  that can champion any destination on the planet.

Q. What about the female angler?

A. Fishing knows no gender, therefore we welcome all anglers to come and enjoy our trips.

Q. What about the non-angler in my group?

A. Non-fishing guests are accommodated at a reduced rate, call for details.

Q. Is age a factor?

A. Not really. We have catered to anglers in their teens to their 80s with no problems.

Q. What documents should I have?

A. Travel to Canada from a foreign country may require a passport.

Q. What is the quality of available medical service?

A. You are asked to advise us of any special health needs you may require. All special medications should be brought with you. Medical Care in Goose Bay is very good with a new hospital facility. Emergencies are handled by MediVac helicopters.

Q. Are there a lot of biting insects?

A. Black flies and mosquitoes can be bothersome depending on time of the season. A good insect repellent and bug jackets are effective in deterring them.

Q. Do the guides speak English?

A. Absolutely! Our guides are from English-speaking Newfoundland and Labrador.

Q. Is there available telephone communication?

A. Yes. We use  Global Star and iridium satellite phone systems.

Q. Can you provide references?

A. Yes – please contact us for an updated list.

Q. Which is the closest airport?

A. Goose Bay, Labrador.

Q. Can you meet us at the airport?

A. Yes, at no additional cost. We also provide pickup from hotel or motel to the floatplane base for departure and meet you on the return.

Q. Do you arrange overnight accommodation?

A. Yes, we can arrange this for you at a hotel in Goose Bay (upon request)

Q. What type of boat is used?

A. We use fiberglass Gander River Boats, 26′ in length, powered by Yamaha outboard engines.

Q. Is there Satellite TV at the Lodge?

A. Yes there is a 50 inch flat screen TV with Satellite TV service.

Q. Is there WIFI at the Lodge?

A. Yes there is WIFI at the lodge.

Please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Page.

Or, you can call our office at 709-543-2274.